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Dream City and Other Stories

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Dream City and Other Stories is a masterfully woven tapestry of interlacing narratives from the deft hand of Cristian Mihai. These tales will invade the sanctity of your thoughts, twisting your perception of reality and painting your dreams with a palette of absurdity, heartbreak, and intrigue.

In the titular story, "Dream City," meet a painter battling an unforgiving disease, his life fading as his artistry reaches its zenith. His struggle is a haunting portrayal of sacrifice, of a man who gives all to his craft, even as life itself seeps away from him.

Each story in this collection is a window into a world where the extraordinary masquerades as the mundane, where the line between dream and reality blurs and distorts. Cristian Mihai's vibrant prose will sweep you along, leaving you breathless, moved, and forever altered.

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