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Experience heartbreak like never before in Cristian Mihai's breathtakingly experimental micro-novel, 2:22 AM. This raw and intimate exploration of a shattering breakup, told from the perspectives of both lovers, will immerse you in the emotional turmoil that ensues when love fades into oblivion.

The saying goes that only the lonely and the loved are awake in the dead of the night. The loved, restless with thoughts of their beloved, find solace in their open-eyed dreams. But what of the lonely? What of the artists, the dreamers, the misunderstood souls grappling with a reality they cannot comprehend and yet yearn to explain?

2:22 AM is a bold and innovative journey through the intricate labyrinth of love and loss. As the clock ticks towards the solitary hour, you'll feel their world slowly crack, their shared narratives fracturing as they navigate the rugged terrain of heartbreak.

Unveiling the stark contrast between the loved and the lonely, Mihai casts a penetrating light on the nuances of human relationships and the complexity of emotions that come with it. Buckle in for a rollercoaster of emotions, where every sentence is a heartbeat, every word a raw nerve.

Dive into 2:22 AM, and take a front-row seat to an intimate, haunting, and profoundly human narrative that will grip your heart and not let go. Don't just read about heartbreak – feel it, understand it, live it.

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